Who We Are

As a brand, we focus on bringing to light the joys of everyday moments. Since 2020, we have grown from taking on commision-based work to creating pieces that we would want to see in stores - pieces that relate to, you, our customer. Whether a sticker that visualizes how chaotic life can be to a tote bag that reminds you to choose kindness, we are committed to creating a little happy within your day-to-day.

Think of us as your best friend that always has your back, who isn’t afraid to crack a joke to lighten the mood, and who always seeks out the beauty in the mundane. Afterall, isn’t that the kind of person we all strive to be? 


What We Care About

Sparking Joy: We are here to cheer on life’s significant moments and to remind you you are not alone, no matter your season of life.

High Quality: We are honored to be in our customer’s homes and will always strive to put our best products (and ourselves) forward.

Inclusivity: Beauty and joy are not for the few - they are for the many. Our products, messaging, and pricing take all demographics into consideration. 

Our Mission

We at Anna Whitham Co. strive to bring joy and beauty into everyday spaces. Whether a tea towel hanging in a kitchen, to a sticker that has a permanent home on a water bottle, our goal is to bring a smile to our customer’s face whenever they see our designs. Our high-quality products are sold at a reasonable pricepoint with our customer’s in mind - we are for the many, not the few. We believe that art has the power to connect people no matter the distance between them . So let’s come together and make something beautiful. 


Our Team

Anna Whitham: Founder
Brittany Espinosa: Director of Operations
Katy Janicek: Social Media and Marketing Specialist